Ochako Uraraka: Bio


Ochako Uraraka (also known as Uravity or Urabiti?) U.A. student, he is in Class 1-A. High School. She is training to be a Pro Hero. She is the protagonist of My Hero Academia.

Ochako Uraraka Appearance

Ochako Uraraka is a petite girl with a curvaceous, yet slim figure. Ochaco is fair-skinned and has a constant blush on her cheeks. Her eyes are round and large. They have a warm auburn brown iris. She has thicker upper eyelashes than her lower ones. Two of them are longer and more prominent and the other is shorter and less prominent.

Her hair is shoulder-length and the same colour as her eyes. She bobs her hair and curves inwards at her ends. There are two longer clumps on each side of her face and short bangs that go about a quarter of her forehead. She has a tiny, pinkish-colored pad on the upper segment of each finger that is slightly darker than the rest. This pad is used to activate and deactivate her Quirk.

She wears the U.A. regular uniform during school. The uniform for female students consists of a grey jacket with two stripes in blue-green: one at the bottom and one at the top. There are two pockets with gold buttons and two pockets. A white shirt, a dress shirt with a red tie and a small, gold button. In place of the usual knee-high socks her female classmates wear, she prefers to wear black tights and brown slip on shoes.

Ochako Uraraka currently wears her hair down in a ponytail

The hero costume she wears is a black, skin-tight, full-body black suit with a pale pink design in the middle of her body, two black circles at her chest and a rectangle running between her legs. Two more pink patches are located over her shoulders. They are separated by dark pink armbands which match her thick choker.

The bracelets have a circular wrist guard, with a dark pink handle at the back, wide, knee-high boots with magenta soles. She also has a two-piece belt around the waist that has a circle embedded in the centre. A helmet with a tintedvisor is sometimes worn on her forehead. All of these accessories are the same pale pink colour. Her accessories are meant to press her acupuncture points. The tightness of her costume is probably an error because she didn’t specify her requirements. 

During the Hero Work-Studies, her costume is upgraded. Her belt around her waist has been modified. The belt around her waist has been altered and now features protruding rings on the sides. She doesn’t have a glass visor on her face. 

Ochako Uraraka has been described by other students as the “most laid back girl” in her class. She is also very bubbly and can be a bit of an airhead. She can be very blunt, even though she is not aware. Chacos reactions are similar to Izuku Mioriya’s. She is often amused by personality quirks and personalities of others, and she bursts into laughter when necessary.

adam driver is warm and lively, with a positive outlook on life. However, she can see the flaws as well as the virtues. 21 savage is friendly and compassionate, and she will help anyone in need. Ochako is a natural at reading people. She can understand the reasons behind Katsuki Bakugou and Izuku’s rivalry and was the first to notice when Tsuyu Asui, who is usually calm, became upset. She is also a good friend to her classmates and shows empathy. She is good friends with all of her classmates and especially with Tenya Iida and Tsuyu.

Ochako Uraraka Chacos are Fierce

Ochako Uraraka, despite her cheerful and sometimes ditzy personality, can be very determined and focused. People who know her well may be surprised at this side of her personality. It often appears during competitions like the U.A. Sports Festival. Ochaco is a strategic thinker, but she can also make impulsive and reckless decisions. Ochaco is determined to follow her chosen path as Hero and doesn’t like being undervalued, even when faced with overwhelming forces.

Ochaco comes from a poor background and can easily get excited about small things. She can even lose her composure when confronted with luxury. Ochaco has been described as frugal and sometimes stingy in bonus materials. She sleeps so that she doesn’t waste oxygen and skips meals to save money. Chacos parents are her primary motivation to become a hero. She wants to make sure they have a comfortable lifestyle and earn enough money to do so. She is open about her priorities and won’t hide the fact that her quest for heroism is largely due to money. Ochaco knew that money was an important factor in her decision to be a hero. However, Ochaco had a dream of becoming one before she could release the financial struggles of her parents. She admired their ability to bring smiles on people’s faces.

Ochako Uraraka is more inclined to rescue than heroism. Thirteen is a favorite of her for her expertise in this area. Because she is aware of her limitations, Gunhead was chosen for her internship to help her improve her fighting skills. Ochaco gained a greater sense of battle awareness, and is now a more instinctive fighter.

Ochaco feels for Lzuku

Ochako Uraraka finds inspiration in her classmates, particularly Izuku, who she admires for his strength and compassion. Ochaco developed a crush upon him because of their close friendship. She has tried to emulate his example for the better and for the worse. Ochaco is a great inspiration to her. However, Ochaco recognizes that heroism has priority over her romantic feelings and she does her best to keep them in check. Ochaco has had to ponder the question of who protects heroes in times of need. Ozuku is a constant danger-taker, which shows Ochaco’s deep concern for him and other people.

Ochaco’s feelings towards Izuku lead to her feeling a little jealous. This tends to show up when Ochaco is around Izuku and has a lot of conversation with him. It is most evident in his interactions with Melissa Shield and Mei Hatsume. Ochaco, despite this, is not at all snarky and often attempts to conceal or dismiss his feelings whenever they appear.


Ochako Uraraka’s strength is enough to take Katsuki off guard. Overall Abilities: Ochaco may not seem like the most skilled combatant at first glance. But, she has improved her fighting skills over the course of her time at U.A. She has greatly improved her combat skills since high school and is now a highly skilled combatant. She was awarded 3rd place in U.A. Entrance Exam and the Quirk Apprehension test. Ochikos’ main strategy in battle is to get close to her opponent and use her Quirk Zero Gravity to directly affect them. Ochikos targets will continue to float up, causing them to lose their feet and severely hamper their fighting abilities. Ochaco can also use floating rubble to launch projectile attacks or take the weight off heavy structures. She can then hold onto these structures for improvised melee weaponry. Ochaco can also use Zero Gravity to reduce her weight and increase her agility. Chaco’s abilities make her one the most skilled female student in her class.