North Africa’s Hot Chili Paste You Must Be Cooking


Tunisia, Northern Africa is home to Harissa paste, a Middle Eastern condiment. Every region makes its chili paste differently. It can be spicy, lemony, tart, or smoky. It is used in many countries of the region, much the same as a hot sauce to add heat and flavor. It is made up of spices such as cumin, caraway seeds, and toasted coriander. These add depth and heat, while chilis, most often red chili peppers, add heat.

Flavor and not fat
“Spice is used for flavor. John Sorial, founder of TaDah Foods (a plant-based food brand with a global influence) says that it doesn’t kulinarika need to be heavy. He hopes to create a simple way to enjoy harissa.

Harissa can add flavor to your diet by adding spices. Red peppers are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and iron. They also contain vitamin B6, vitamin B6 and vitamin K. Harissa’s form of vitamin E is an effective antioxidant. It has been shown that the capsaicin, which gives the paste its distinctive spiciness, can reduce blood pressure and inflammation.

How to use harissa
Harissa can be used in many ways. It can be added to soups and stews, used in marinades for meat, or mixed with other condiments to add heat.

You can mix it in ketchup to make a delicious hummus, or add sweet carrots and sweet potatoes to offset the spice. It can also be used to make vegetable dishes. To make a delicious drizzle, add a bit of olive oil to thin the paste before you roast vegetables. It can also be added to Greek yogurt or labneh for a delicious last-minute dip.