The Travel to “Love Beauty and Planet”


Enjoy Earth and Beauty was launched by a set of Like-minded men and women who think that looking good and doing good ought to go Love Beauty and Planet awry. We’re obsessed with producing fantastic beauty products which we’d really like to use ourselves.

That is why we began with one simple goal: Whatever we do has to be useful for attractiveness and provide a little love to the entire world.

As we all work towards helping you and the entire world a Bit more lovely, we wish to share our travel with you. We are also searching for ideas, inspiration and feedback out of each corner, so in case you’ve got a little act of love to discuss, please provide us a shout-out on our societal channels or through the site.

This group supports Love Beauty and Planet We are the type of individuals who remain back and tidy up following a music concert, since you can get fun, look amazing and really do good for your world all at precisely the exact same moment. That is the soul of the brand.I consider that the only means to serve our customers is by creating brands that provide great beauty for ashes outcome and also show respect to our world by being accountable for, and also working to decrease our carbon footprint.We are creating something which we’d really like to use ourselves and creating it in a manner we feel proud about. As we work toward creating the world and also you even more beautiful we guarantee to keep fair at each step, and we all actually would like you to keep us honest also.

Four labours of Love Beauty and Planet Powerful & passionate

All our bottles are Full of fabulous Formulas created with components that may deliver brilliant attention to your body and hair. Plus, we use 100% recycled materials to produce our containers (the caps are following!) That means there is reduced waste when you are done–just do not forget to recycle them.

Love Beauty and Planet Goodies & Goodness

We place a bit of goodness in All our stunning products. All our collections is infused with sustainable and organic ingredients sourced from areas throughout the world. Additionally, our sourcing associates help encourage fair wage occupations and ethical sourcing for our essential oils and absolutes.Scents & Sensibility

Our carefully selected fragrance spouse, Givaudan, intends to fortify the livelihoods of the regional farmers who harvest the flowers and herbs for our pampering perfumes, which are all made using a richly sourced essential oil or extract from round the world.

Carbon Conscious & Caring

We need a carbon footprint so modest, it is like We weren’t even here. But any company will leave some kind of footprint. Therefore, till we find a way to leave no footprint, then we will measure our CO2 emissions at each step of manufacturing and taxation ourselves for moving over our objectives. That cash will encourage third-party programs that help reduce landfill waste and general carbon emissions.Unilever established its latest personal care manufacturer in 20 years using Love Beauty and Planet in July.

Inspired by Unilever’s Sustainable Living Strategy, The revolutionary new beauty society manufacturer, including six skincare and hair product ranges, has sustainability at its core and was made to meet increasing demand from customers that are searching for more environmentally-responsible merchandise.

With ethically and sustainably sourced Ingredients, vegan-friendly sprays and formulas which are 100% recycled and recycled, Love Beauty and Planet is intended to help consumers give just a tiny bit of love back into the entire world, without compromising on attractiveness fostering results. Allowing them to look good and feel great.

Enjoy Earth and sleeping beauty fairieshas given careful consideration To its packaging and ingredients throughout the whole product cycle to lower its ecological effect. The selection of hair, body and face care products arrive in covetable versions like Murumuru Butter & Rose, Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower and Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang.

With sustainability getting an increasingly Dominant influence on UK customers, more people care about their effect on the surroundings as well as the components in the products they buy. The new beauty manufacturer attempts to target customers who now store the organic attractiveness fixtures and specialist stores, in an effort to convert them into the supermarket store and higher street stations, and induce penetration of natural beauty solutions.

Enjoy Earth and Beauty will always be Open and transparent about its influence on Earth. As part of the commitment, the manufacturer won’t merely disclose its yearly carbon footprint yearly but work towards a goal to reduce its carbon footprint by 20 percent by 2020.

To Stay accountable for its own carbon emissions, Enjoy Earth and Beauty will set a tax on the carbon that the brand hastens while making its goods – leading into a Carbon Tax Fund. This fund is utilized to support programmes which help reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste, all aimed toward reducing effect and producing a favourable shift. Stay tuned for updates!

Chris Barron, Vice President of Beauty & Personal Care, Unilever UK and Ireland, comments: “Love Beauty and Planet reflects our fire at Unilever to allow every person to live more sustainably and knowingly by highlighting the easy steps we can take to make a better future for our world.

“We’ve not been aware of the requirement To be responsible for the decisions we make, even for something as straightforward as which shampoo we opt to utilize, therefore we’re thrilled to have embarked on this exciting trip. I feel that collectively, we can make a real impact, whilst creating the world a beautiful location.”

These products boast bold, colourful beauty works waver to Ensure optimal stand-out on plate, and also feature easy-peel tags to make sure They may be taken out from the recycling procedure.