Get into the 5-Series World of “Racing Dynamics”


Chester Vincentz might never have the chance to kick Mario Andretti all over Laguna Seca. Nor will he get the chance to pin Stone Cold Steve Austin to racing dynamics his candy ass for WWF championship. He can however, sure as hell rub the honor we are bestowing upon him in their collective faces. This honor comes with the rare distinction of being the owner of the first 5-Series to grace the MAX Power feature pages.

Chet, or as his friends refer to him, bought his E-39 from Racing Dynamics when it was released in the States. boom racing Dynamics wanted parts to prototype for the new car so Chet picked it up. All of these parts went into production and now grace his 5. However, there is a price. Chet might want to drive his 5 but sometimes he must forgo that luxury as Racing Dynamics’ rolling display.

Racing Dynamics was conscious of the harmony that was intended in their factory setup. The car’s matched springs, dampers, pair sway bars and front strut tower brace not only give it incredible stability, but also allow it to stay completely flat in any turn. The rolling gear is made up of 20×9-inch RGS wheels and 245/35-20 Pirelli PZero Asimmetrico rubber tires. advanti racing produced its new 5-Series product range, but there weren’t many tires that could fit 20-inch wheels. Pirelli had already developed something, so when it was time to mount the wheels, the Pirelli tires were there. There is something even more impressive behind those massive wheels.

Racing Dynamics didn’t want to leave any space between brakes and wheels, so engineers placed brakes that were 14.2 inches behind the front wheels. The rotors are larger than the standard and improve stopping power. The braking performance is amazing when combined with four-piston brake calipers and braided stainless steal lines.

After handling and braking were taken care of, it was now time to look at engine performance. If you are looking to increase your engine’s power, it makes sense to modify each engine part first and then move on to the engine.

Racing Dynamics wasn’t going to try and tempt fate with a new approach. So they started with the intake and exhaust. The original exhaust is now made of stainless steel. An open-element filter with custom-mounting set hybrid racing and an open-element filter are used for the induction side. Equal-length headers are used to help exhaust escape. Racing Dynamics has added even more power with a set camshafts, and a performance chip. These parts were tuned to maximize the benefit of the hard components.