Drive’s Garage Guide “Gold Wrap Cars”

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It sounds like a big commitment to change your gold wrap cars colour. But vinyl wraps have made this a false assumption. Auto wraps can change the appearance of a vehicle for one day, a few months, or several years depending on how the owner feels. You can remove the wrap and return the vehicle to its original appearance when the mood strikes.

Wrapping cars in gold opens up a whole new world of customization possibilities. You can choose from a variety of colors, patterns and textures. The weight of permanent costs or the cost of repainting can be removed so creativity is free to flow.

Gold Wrap Cars Comparison of DIY and Professional Costs

Professional jobs can be costly because of the labor-intensive nature involved in wrapping vehicles. Professional installation is significantly more expensive than doing it yourself.

Alex Belov, General Manager at Tinting Chicago, provided us with an estimate of the professional starting prices for a variety vehicle types.

These approximate prices are for the most basic and straightforward wrap applications. Because of its flat and simple exterior, a Tesla is one of the easiest vehicles to wrap. Upgrades such as custom designs, specialty vinyls and parts removal, chrome deletes or wheel wrapping can increase the price.

For Professionals

Motorcycles: Prices start at $1,500 Tinting Chicago does not offer motorcycle service due to the way the seams look. This can be done with other outfits.

Luxury wrap gold wrap cars in gold and sports: Prices starting at $5,000 According to Belov, a Ferrari just completed cost $7,000 and some vehicles can go for five figures.

  • Family sedans: Starting at $3,000.
  • Compact crossovers starting at $3,500
  • Full-size SUVs: Prices starting at $4,000.
  • Trucks: Prices start at around $4,000.


Amazon has rolls of 3M’s 2080 Series Gloss Black vinyl wrap for $17 per 5 feet, $36 per 10 feet and $60 for 25 feet. There are also $113 for 50 feet, $113 for 50 feet and $217 for 100 feet. Amazon charges no shipping and tax.

For $770, you can get 375 square feet. Prices will vary depending upon the color and design of your wrap, the brand and the vinyl retailer.

Safety of Gold Wrap Cars

It can be hazardous and messy to work on your gold wrap cars. These items will help you stay safe and avoid any accidents.

  • Safety glasses
  • Optional mechanic coveralls
  • Closed-toe shoes