FORE Business – Growing The Game While Networking

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FORE Business was created to allow small business owners and entrepreneurs fore busin to meet and share a common interest in golf, and then possibly work together.

Thanks to a new group of business networking, around 1,500 golfers regularly hit the course each month.

Fore business UK

FORE Business has now established 80 groups in the UK. They meet once per month at courses such as the Forest of Arden and Fairmont St Andrews.

The group was created to allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to meet and share a common interest in golf. They can then work together and potentially make deals.

Members can reach out to other members in the skema school UK and visit other groups to play, as well as advertise their services via the group’s mobile app.

FORE Business was started by Arron Busst, an entrepreneur in their own right, and Sean Fergusson. They met at a traditional networking group and began to talk about their common interest in golf.

Sean Fergusson and Arron busst, FORE Business founders (left), with Barry Davies and David Harries (right), who shook hands over a business deal at the golf course.

Sean stated that the fairway provides a perfect setting for business meetings, discussions, and negotiation to take place.

“FORE Business was founded with the idea that ‘what better way is there to promote successful business relationships than to create a members club for business owners who love golf and to network?’

It has members who haven’t played in over 20 years, but they saw the business benefits and decided to sell the clubs. In that sense, it is growing the game.

The network is growing rapidly, which is no surprise considering that golf played this way can be tax-exempt. The good news is that the group hosts are golf clubs, which is a great thing for them.

  • Each month, members get a fourball for free. This can only be good news.
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