Flexible and fair quick loans

Quick Loans

Flexible and fair quick loans

Moneyboat quick loans can be a quick loan and easy way to get the cash you need to cover unexpected expenses. We offer competitive interest rates and will always lend responsibly.

UK Quick Loans – Fast and easy loans from a trusted lender

We offer quick loans that will allow you to regain your freedom and tranquility. Don’t panic if you have difficulty getting credit from your bank. Our customers are our priority. We will help them get credit that is both affordable and flexible.

You can borrow any amount from PS200 up to PS1,500 and repay it over up to six monthly. We won’t ask you to repay the entire amount at once, because we understand that this can stretch borrowers.

We are responsible lenders. Before we offer you cash, we will always do credit and affordability checks. Are you not a good credit score? This doesn’t mean you have to be poor credit. Moneyboat’s favorable minimum lending criteria may allow you to get quick loans.

How fast loans work

  • Online application is quick and easy
  • After all credit checks are completed, you can get funding quickly.
  • Open Banking options make it easier to apply
  • We are fully licensed and regulated
  • Direct lenders, we make all of our lending decisions.
  • Flexible repayment options that can be spread over multiple instalments

Flexible payments & terms

  • Money icon
  • Repay in instalments

We do not ask you to repay the entire amount in one lump sum. Instead, repay the amount you can afford in monthly installments that are convenient for your finances and you.

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  • We are available

Our lending team can help you get the fast loans you need. We are not here to judge you or condescend.

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  • We are responsible

Moneyboat is proud of our reputation as responsible lenders. Our innovative approach to lending has won awards. We offer outstanding customer service and competitive rates for our valued borrowers.

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  • Borrow between PS200 & PS1,500

Flexible loan amounts give you the flexibility to borrow the amount that suits your needs.

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  • Flexible lending criteria

While we will always verify that you can afford repayments, we take a humane approach when making lending decisions.

Competitive rates

Daily interest is charged at 0.7%. This is lower than the industry limit of 0.8% per calendar day set by FCA. We don’t hide fees or charge extra for your loan.

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